Homes not Housing

Evan Porter wrote an interesting article showing a new way to operate an assisted living facility. A nursing home built that breaks most norms. Most nursing homes today typically have residents in confined areas with regimented medication schedules. Similar to a prison.

Instead, this particular nursing home design uses different forms of therapy. The architecture allows people to thrive in comfortable environments similar to how the residents lived prior to admission. This center has digital skies to help their internal clocks.

This nursing has been able to create a comfortable environment with aromatherapy. Avoiding anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medication promote the ideas of a healthy environment for the elderly. Many reached the goal to “rehabilitate clients where they can live independently in [their] environment.” Jean Makesh, the CEO of Lantern assisted living facilities.

Keeping the brains and the cognitive function of these residents in constant motion is the goal to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of residents.