Hiring Practices

Quality of Caregivers

One of the biggest problems in the nursing home industry is staffing. Not just the amount or quantity of the caregivers but the competence and quality of the caregivers. Conducting proper criminal background checks, license checks, and proper hiring practices are necessary. Nursing homes should not hire sexual predators. Facilities cannot allow sexual predators to freely roam the halls.

A recent case at Pruitt Health Care Shepherd Hills nursing home is illustrative. The facility finally notified the police of a sexual assault in late October. Officers charged Henrii Hosue Reynoso with aggravated sodomy.

Delay to Report

During the police investigation, the facility delayed reporting the sexual assault. The victim reported the assault days before police were notified. Georgia police are searching for a nursing home employee accused of sexually assaulting one of the home’s residents.

The staff of Pruitt Health Care Shepherd Hills failed to report the Incident to Law Enforcement as required,” officials said. The police charged two employees, identified as Stacy Jackson and Peggy Bohannon, for failure to report the abuse of an elder person. The police found out because of a concerned family member.

Officials say Reynoso is currently on the run. Obviously, the delay in reporting helped him get away.

If you have any information that could help police find Reynoso, please call 911 or Detective Owens at the LaFayette Police Department at 706-639-1540.