Happy Independence Day!

We as a society should do our best to uphold the practice of justice that reflects American principles. Older individuals are socially isolated within our society and are at the forefront of abuse and neglect, especially within nursing homes. Vulnerable adults deserve better. To grow old with peace and dignity.

Families are paying thousands of dollars to place their loved ones in a cold institution with overworked and poorly trained staff in insufficient numbers to meet the needs of the resident’s care. It is outrageous.

Older individuals are isolated due to policies created within and outside the nursing homes. Current policies stop older individuals from participating in society, which subjects them to abuse and neglect. Building upon a support system will protect them financially, physically, and emotionally. Elders who are not isolated and are civically engaged are less prone to abuse and neglect, less inclined to enter a nursing home, and hospitalization rates decrease.

Support systems and collectively working together to protect the rights of the elderly community will uphold the American principles of our society and benefit society as a whole.