Groundbreaking Decision

The Decision

Joe Biden boldly made a groundbreaking decision to pick Kamala Harris as the next vice president. She is the first Black woman and the first person of Indian descent nominated for national office by a major party. Harris is only the fourth woman chosen for presidential tickets.

Biden’s groundbreaking decision shows Democrats commitment to multiracial democracy. Harris is a woman with both Black and South Asian American roots.  Biden’s decision was groundbreaking, anointing a woman of color for vice president.

Harris was born in Oakland, California. Her father is an economist from British Jamaica and worked at Stanford University. Her mother immigrated to the U.S. from India as an endocrinologist.

Harris has a degree in political science and economics from Howard University. She earned a law degree and spent seven years as the District Attorney of San Francisco. Her reputation of being a law and order tough prosecutor grew.  She was then elected as the Attorney General of California. Biden’s late son Beau had a close relationship with her.

She criticized some of Biden’s past votes during the primaries but Biden does not hold a grudge. Harris is a moderate, former prosecutor, and a great partner for Biden. Harris then emerged as a vocal supporter of Biden’s nomination since ending her campaign. Kamala Harris is smart, competent, and charming.  Trump and Republicans critics have already attacked her with sexist and salacious rumors. For some racist reason, Donald Trump Jr claims she is “not black” enough.

In 2016, California voters elected Harris Senator with more than 60% of the vote. Trump and his family donated money to her campaign! She gained a spot on the important Senate Judiciary Committee. Harris was excellent in the Kavanaugh hearing and questioning Barr.

Republicans Choose QAnon

Meanwhile, Republican Georgia voters pushed a QAnon-supporting House candidate to Congress. Marjorie Taylor Greene won 57% of the vote defeating neurosurgeon John Cowan.  He ran as “All of the conservative, none of the embarrassment.”  Trump prefers the embarrassment and provided significant support.
The “winner”had hateful Facebook videos making offensive remarks about Black people, Jews and Muslims. Facebook even took down an ad in which Greene brandished a rifle and threatened peaceful. Facebook found it violated its policies against inciting violence.
She also promotes the crazy QAnon conspiracy theory. Just like Trump. Trump congratulated Greene calling her a “future Republican Star” who is “strong on everything.”