For-Profits Fail Again

Certified nursing assistants are unlicensed health care providers. They provide custodial care and provide assistance with activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include personal hygiene, transfers and ambulation, eating, and bathing.  They are often paid slave wages with no benefits.

New research published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals that CNAs are the least likely among nursing home workers to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 even though they provide the bulk of direct care to residents. Good grief. This is so dangerous for vulnerable adults.

Average vaccination rate among CNAs is 49.2%. The rate among registered and licensed practical nurses is only 62%. The highest vaccination rates were among therapists, at 71%, and physicians and independent practitioners at 78%.

The overall study looked at the association between vaccination coverage and multiple facility characteristics. Caregivers under for-profit ownership were less likely to be fully vaccinated when compared to nonprofit facilities. Higher Medicare star rating was also associated with higher vaccination coverage in facilities. Facilities that had longer-tenured staff also had higher rates among residents and staff.

The full findings can be found here.