Fiduciary Duty

Axios reported the verdict against scurrilous Project Veritas. The jury found Project Veritas guilty of fraudulently misrepresenting itself and violating wiretapping laws. The alt-right group is liable in the federal civil case for targeting a political consulting firm in an undercover operation, per the New York Times. The jury compensated Democracy Partners $120,000 for damages suffered.

Project Veritas founder and POS James O’Keefe is a publicity hound and gadfly. Politico reported that Democracy Partners “were the victims of political spying conducted by Project Veritas” during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The jury found operative Allison Maass “breached a fiduciary duty” that “amounted to fraudulent misrepresentation” after she used a false name and employment application to gain a job. Maass secretly recorded conversations and took papers that she gave to Project Veritas.

“Hopefully, the decision today will help to discourage Mr. O’Keefe and others from conducting these kind of political spy operations and publishing selectively edited, misleading videos in the future.”

—Democracy Partners co-founder Robert Creamer in a statement.