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Fox Carolina reported another nurse taking narcotics. It is an epidemic in South Carolina. DHEC arrested Tammy Coyle after an investigation into possible fentanyl theft was requested by Conway Medical Center (CMC).  The medical center requested the investigation after documentation showed Coyle removed “an excessive amount” of fentanyl more than her peers between Nov. 1 and Nov 5, 2023.

Coyle is facing charges after allegedly taking fentanyl according to DHEC. Documentation shows that Coyle’s removal of the drug from the system didn’t correspond with her documentation of administering the drug to patients.

While working one night shift, the report states Coyle took 8 vials of 2 milliliters of the drug and didn’t document the use.

“On many occasions, records show that Coyle removed multiple vials of Fentanyl under a patient who was receiving Fentanyl by IV. Additionally, Coyle would often times increase the rate of the Fentanyl IV of the patient while obtaining Fentanyl vials from the ADM. The Fentanyl vials were sometimes documented as administered, yet other times the whereabouts of the vials were unaccounted for,” documents stated.

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