Fauci Persists

Threats to Fauci

Future President Joe Biden wants top infectious-disease expert Anthony Fauci to play a leading role in his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Incredibly, Trump adviser Stephen Bannon called for Fauci’s beheading. Bannon caused outrage when he said that he wanted to put Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray’s “heads on pikes.” Luckily, Fauci persists.
Dr. Scott Atlas is also a Trump nut like Bannon. Atlas is a neuroradiologist with no training in infectious diseases. He is not qualified but is Trump’s chief coronavirus adviser. He continues to downplay the threat despite record deaths and hospitalizations.  
Atlas publicly attacked Fauci accusing the expert of being a “political animal.” Atlas claims that Fauci changed his assessments of the pandemic after Election Day. No evidence supports Atlas’ attack. Atlas even complains against safety closures of some businesses and high schools in Michigan in response to COVID-19’s fatal spread. 


Alaskan Republican Representative Don Young ridiculed the seriousness of the novel coronavirus. He even called it the “beer virus.” Ironically, he is now infected with it.  Meanwhile, health-care and public-safety systems across Alaska are at risk of being overwhelmed by the rapid spread of the virus.
Trump is now lashing out at the FDA because of the success of vaccine development. He is paranoid. Trump believes there exists a “medical deep state” deliberately tried to sabotage his presidency. Trump demanded Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar “get to the bottom” of what happened.
You lost the election.  No investigation needed. That is what happened.
Covid-19 cases in nursing homes saw a more than 40 percent increase from mid-September to Oct. 25 after seven weeks of steady decline, according to the most recent data. Nursing home operators and experts on long-term care say it’s basically impossible to keep the coronavirus from seeping in as cases spike in communities across the country.
The United States passed 250,000 coronavirus-related deaths. The number will keep climbing as infections surge nationwide. Trump needs to do something. Experts predict that the country could soon be reporting 2,000 deaths a day or more. Another 250,000 more Americans could die before vaccines get distrubted.