Falsifying Records

We have handled nursing home litigation for decades. We see false documentation in almost every case. The cover up is often worse than the crime. Now, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina reported that Tammy McDonald made fake Covid-19 vaccination cards. Tammy McDonald is a Director of Nursing in a nursing home in Columbia, South Carolina.

When officials questioned her about the cards, McDonald “lied by stating she did not have access to COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards and that she never produced a false or inaccurate vaccine card.” However, evidence shows that McDonald had personally filled out the cards for people she knew had not received the shots. Police charged McDonald with two counts of producing fraudulent vaccination cards and one count of lying to federal investigators about her role in producing the cards.

Of course, officials refuse to identify the facility. Always protecting the industry. Reckless, unsafe, and stupid.

She’s the first in South Carolina to face federal criminal charges for making fake vaccination cards. Her attorney Jim Griffin told a South Carolina judge that she made the cards to help a family member.