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Esther’s Law

Esther’s Law allows nursing home residents the option to place cameras inside the rooms of their loved ones.  The Ohio Senate unanimously passed the bill. Republican Governor signed the law. Cameras deter abuse.

The law is named after Esther “Mitzi” Piskor, a victim of elder abuse at Cleveland’s nursing home. Esther’s son Stephen placed a camera in 2011 after an unexplained bruise. Two days later, Stephen found his mother being physically abused.

The devices must be authorized by the resident, the resident’s guardian, or an attorney. This will deter and prevent abuse and neglect.

At least 10 states have similar laws. However, industry lobbyists prevented similar safety proposals. The only people able to view the footage are the resident, the resident’s guardian, the resident’s attorney, or someone authorized by those three to view the footage. Law enforcement is also entitled to view the footage.

Hopefully, South Carolina will encourage residents to use cameras to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.


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