EMA: Lightning strike causes mystery substance to spew in Powell Co.

“At approximately 2:30 p.m. ET today, a lightning strike occurred in a rural area of Powell County, Kentucky, impacting Kinder Morgan’s compressor station on its Tennessee Gas Pipeline system in Clay City. The company’s emergency shut down system was activated and natural gas was safely vented to the atmosphere while the area was isolated. A light fine mist of oily residue was observed on Highway 15, and as a precaution, a portion of the highway has been closed off to lay down sand to absorb the product and ensure the safety of vehicles passing by in preparation of potential weather in the area.There was no fire and there are no injuries. Regulatory notifications are being made, and an investigation is ongoing.”

Officials believe a lightning strike caused a messy situation in Clay City.

An official with the Powell County Emergency Management Agency says lightning struck a gas interchange at the Tennessee Gas Pipeline on Winchester Road.
The strike shut down power at the facility. It caused an oily substance to spew from the facility.

WKYT received calls from people in the community. One woman says her yard, vehicles and pool were covered in the substance.

“The grass will probably die with all the oil. Our kids can’t even come outside because of the oil and it stinks, so it’s probably pretty toxic to even inhale,” said Krystal Risner.

Officials are now trying to figure out what is in the substance. They do not believe there is a threat of an explosion.

Highway 15 is now closed in that area as crews work to clean up the mess. They are laying down a salt/sand mixture on the ground.