Domestic Violence

Brad Parscale was Trump’s right hand man.  He also has a domestic violence problem apparently.  After Republican’s reaction was to blame Democrats for Parscale’s mental breakdown and alleged suicide scare, the real issue was domestic violence. Law enforcement arrived after Candice Parscale fled her house following an altercation with her 6-foot, 8-inch-tall husband.

A police report showed that Parscale’s abused wife called police after he loaded a gun. Arriving at the scene, police saw she was was badly bruised and scratched, and she “stated Brad Parscale hits her.”  Parscale is a senior adviser to Trump’s reelection campaign. He reportedly hit his wife. He had 10 guns inside his home. Parscale “drinks and suffers from PTSD,“ she told police.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department also released body camera footage from the Sunday incident, in which Parscale’s wife tells an officer that he cocked a gun in front of her. Before being arrested, Parscale told an officer that “she started saying all this shit.”

She told police Brad Parscale had been depressed and under stress over the past two months since Trump demoted him after the Tulsa debacle. I hope they both get the help they obviously need. I hope they take away his guns for his wife’s safety.