Domestic Terrorism

The New York Times reported that Trump refuses to fight domestic terrorism because he worries that many are his core supporters. Despite Trump’s promise, the Department of Homeland Security refuses to investigate domestic terrorism i.e. white nationalist threats and other acts of fascist violence. DHS published a document a year ago emphasizing white supremacist and anti-government extremism as primary national security threats.

“Officials at the time committed to releasing a detailed implementation plan within months. That blueprint was to guide federal and local governments as well as community stakeholders in how to work cooperatively to identify threats and address politically motivated violence.”

Trump told DHS not to complete the blueprint. The delay of the DHS’s plan is consistent with the Trump administration’s support of violence by right-wing extremist groups. These grew in the past three and a half years. Numerous city leaders and former department officials believe Trump wants to exploit the unrest for his re-election campaign. He wants DHS to ignore white supremacists and right-wing groups.

Trump defended the caravan of supporters who drove into Portland over the weekend as “peaceful protesters.” An intelligence briefing warned law enforcement that previous Patriot Prayer events attracted white supremacists and devolved into violent clashes. Video captured them shooting paintball guns from pickup trucks as protesters threw objects at them. Many screamed racist and anti-semitic rants.

Mr. Trump also defended as self-defense the lethal actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old Illinois resident charged with fatally shooting two people after curfew.