Doctor Murdered

South Carolina has a lot of gun violence. The New York Times reported that a gunmen shot and killed five people at home last week. The sheriff’s office on Twitter identified four of the people killed as Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife, Barbara, and two of their grandchildren. The fifth person who was fatally shot, James Lewis, had been working at the home. A sixth victim was taken to a hospital with serious gunshot wounds.

Officer Faris said that Dr. Lesslie had been a prominent physician in the Rock Hill community. He started a local medical center and was a specialist in emergency medicine. The doctor had also been an active member of his church, a columnist, and the author of books about emergency medical workers.

“I view my medical career as an opportunity to go beyond simply diagnosing and treating individual patients,” he wrote on his website. “For me, it is a way to fulfill a higher calling by meeting the real physical and emotional needs of patients.”

A suspect was found nearby in Rock Hill, S.C., and taken into custody. The suspect is identified as former NFL player Phillip Adams. According to the reports, there was a prior connection between Adams and the victims. Phillip had reportedly been previously treated by Dr. Robert Lesslie. Nobody knows why the shooting happened. Be safe.