DeSantis Bought and Sold

Florida Governor and Trump fanboy Ron DeSantis allowed the nursing home industry lobbyists write a new law lowering staffing and quality of care for vulnerable residents in nursing homes. Incredible. Florida Health Care Association drafted the language. Toby Philpot is the chief lobbyist for the Florida Health Care Association.

Under Senate Bill 804, DeSantis will decrease staffing standards at Florida nursing homes. The nursing homes that fail to meet safe staff levels can still accept additional residents. Patient advocates know the bill will lower the standard of care in nursing homes — without increasing the amount of staff inside.

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Then he has a propagandist author “opinion” editorial trying to convince the people of Florida that less caregivers would somehow increase care!! The industry lobbyists launched a social media campaign in support of the legislation. How stupid do they think people are.

Studies show the quality of care residents receive is linked to the number of highly trained staff in a facility. Health care experts and elder abuse watchdogs say that changing minimum staffing requirements is not the right solution for unsafe staffing levels.