Death and Testing in South Carolina

Over the weekend, South Carolina set a single day record with 75 Coronavirus deaths. In the last week, South Carolina has reported more COVID-19 deaths (274) than it did in the entire month of May (250). South Carolina has reported more COVID-19 deaths this month (680) than it did in March, April, and May combined (465). By this weekend, there will be 1500 deaths in South Carolina from Covid-19.

Almost half of South Carolina COVID-19 deaths were in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. They were not prepared.  The history of inadequate and unsafe staff with poor infection control made containment impossible.

Governor McMaster continues to do nothing. He needs to close bars, beaches, and  tourist sites. DHEC is reminding people to wear a mask.    You can see the full report here:

You can get tested but getting results within two weeks is still unlikely.  The delay makes the tests less effective in stopping the spread.

A recent NPR news analysis ranked South Carolina as the 46th state in the nation when comparing daily testing against positive case data.

Find a mobile testing clinic event near you at Stay safe! Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Let’s not set a record for deaths this week.  If you need any legal assistance, we are here to help.