Daytime Sleepiness

McKnight’s reported on a specific change of condition that needs an emergency response.  Difficulty staying awake or excessive daytime sleepiness predicts both mortality and the presence of age-related comorbidities. The study was published April 13 in JAMDA.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) is under-recognized and neglected in nursing homes, according to the report. Nursing homes need to recognize the change of condition. This could include monitoring sleep-wake disturbances and medication management.

“Measuring EDS levels as a general health indicator can sustain improved care practices by triggering the assessment and management of potentially treatable EDS risk factors and reducing the impact of reversible EDS consequences. In the context of nonreversible associated conditions, such as advanced dementia, increasing EDS can precipitate discussions and considerations about end-of-life care.”

–Piovezan and colleagues explained.