Trump awarded contracts to friends and donors despite concerns voiced by government scientists. Trump is a corrupt con man.

Robert Kadlec

Dr. Robert Kadlec is Trump’s senior political appointee at the DHSS. He endorsed crony and suspicious deals with Pepcid, Novavax and ApiJect.  Recently, the Trump administration gave Plasma Technologies LLC tax payer money to test new blood plasma technology.

Plasma is the yellowish liquid part of blood which harbors various antibodies. Hopefully, plasma from recently recovered people may help those newly diagnosed fight the coronavirus. Plasma Technologies LLC is a front for Trump to divert tax payer money to his campaign donors. As much as $65 million in taxpayer dollars.   Records obtained by the AP describe Kadlec as a key supporter of Zurlo’s company. The AP contacted leaders and experts in the blood plasma industry. None would comment on Zurlo’s unknown company or its alleged technology.

Trump’s henchmen noted the company’s “manufacturing facilities” were located in Charleston, South Carolina. However, no manufacturing facility exists. The location is the luxury condo of Trump donor, Eugene Zurlo.

Eugene Zurlo

Zurlo founded Plasma Technologies in 2003, according to articles of organization and other records filed with South Carolina’s secretary of state. The company’s most recently listed address is Zurlo’s condominium in Charleston’s French Quarter.

The company has no other presence in South Carolina — or any other state — even though a U.S. government spokeswoman told the AP that Plasma Technologies has “manufacturing facilities” in Charleston.

However, Zurlo has deep ties to the Republican Party. He has contributed thousands of dollars to Republican campaigns. He entertains at the mansion Zurlo used to own on Kiawah Island, an exclusive golf resort in South Carolina.

Michel “Mitch” LaPlante is a former business partner of Zurlo’s. Each man sued the other for fraud.  “Fairy tale,” LaPlante said when asked if Plasma Technologies operates any commercial space in South Carolina’s most populous city. LaPlante attended several dinners with Santorum and Zurlo.

 Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is a Trump ally and former Republican senator from Pennsylvania. He has unsuccessfully run for president. Santorum’s public support of Trump led to getting a government contract. You see Santorum is part-owner of Plasma Technologies. Trump awarded Plasma Technologies a $750,000 grant in August.

“I have made no such claims as a father of seven who has three weddings this year,” he said. “If any money were to come, I would welcome that money to help pay my bills.”

Santorum refuses to admit that Zurlo is unproven even though his company has never made an FDA-approved product. Zurlo’s close relationship to Santorum offered a direct line into the FDA. The former senator then built a connection with senior FDA official, Dr. Peter Marks. Santorum credits Marks for removing safety barriers to help Plasma Technologies.  Santorum described Marks as an enthusiastic backer of Plasma Technologies.

All I’m saying is, we have an opportunity because of Dr. Marks and what he has laid forward,” Santorum said.

Of course, Federal ethics rules ban government employees from giving preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.