Criminal Background Check

Registered Sexual Offenders

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported on horrible incidents at Brighton Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. Nursing assistant Shelly Houk caught resident Richard Walter assaulting a demented “child-like” woman. She saw Walter with his pants down forcing the woman’s head in his lap.

Houk later testified at Walter’s preliminary hearing on charges of sexual assault. The Post-Gazette quoted the transcript of the hearing:

What the [heck] are you doing?! Ms. Houk said she shouted at Walter.

She wanted it as bad as I wanted it,” she said Walter replied.

No! That’s not true!

She can’t talk. She can’t say anything. Houck continued, she doesn’t know what she’s doing and you’re forcing her to have her head down there.”

Notice and Foreseeability

Walter had a criminal record involving multiple sexual assault convictions. Megan’s Law’s required Hansen to register as a sexual offender. His behavior was predictable.

However, the facility failed to check a publicly accessible Pennsylvania State Police website. If they had checked, they would have known to supervise the registered sexual offender. In addition, four other residents also had convictions for indecent assault. However, the facility did not implement safeguards or supervision for them either. State inspectors also found two other Brighton residents having sex despite one being incapable of giving consent.

What the heck is going on in that facility?!?

How do they expect to protect the vulnerable adults in their care?