COVID Relief

Republican lawmakers expressed satisfaction with the two-hour meeting with President Biden. Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris met with Republican senators yesterday about the covid relief plan. Where was Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott?

Senator Susan Collins, the Republican from Maine, told reporters:

“I think it was an excellent meeting, and we’re very appreciative that as his first official meeting in the Oval Office, the president chose to spend so much time with us in a frank and very useful discussion.” 

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is a conservative Republican. He supports Biden’s larger coronavirus package.

“I absolutely believe we need to go big…. We need to quit counting the egg-sucking legs on the cows and count the cows and just move. And move forward and move right now.”

The group agreed to hold additional negotiations on coronavirus relief and craft a bipartisan agreement. Hope springs eternal.

Meanwhile, South Carolina is closing in on 400,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. More than 450,000 American citizens died from COVID-19. People are hurting. They need help.