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Wall St. Journal article on “Green Houses”

Below are excerpts of an interesting article about “Green Houses”.  A new approach to taking care of the elderly.  The article is called: “Rising challenger takes on elder-care system” (06/24/08 Wall Street Journal) By Lucette Lagnado In the spring of 2001, Bill Thomas, dressed in his usual sweat shirt and Birkenstock sandals, entered the buttoned-down

Joint Commission News Release re: 2009 Safety Goals for LTC

The Joint Commission today announced the 2009 National Patient Safety Goals and related requirements for accredited long term care organizations. The National Patient Safety Goals promote specific improvements in patient safety by providing health care organizations with proven solutions to persistent patient safety problems. These Goals apply to the more than 15,000 Joint Commission-accredited and

Judge stops eviction of resident

William C. Lhotka of the St. louis Post-dispatch wrote an article about a Judge preventing a nursing home from evicting a resident from a nursing home.  Below is an excerpt of his article: A judge has barred an Ellisville nursing home from discharging a resident in a billing dispute because of the possible traumatic effects

Recession won’t hurt nursing home profits

Here is an article from Long Term Living online editor John Oberlin that indicates that the economic slowdown will not affect the profits by the nursing home industry.  Cambridge Chairman Jeffrey A. Davis points out that all components of the senior housing sector appear to be in good shape, with nursing homes, assisted living, and

OK Representative Cox protects his profits over his constituents

The Public Health Committee in the Oklahoma House of Representatives considered the amended version of the bi-partisan approved Senate Bill 1549 this morning. Just minutes before the committee meeting was scheduled to begin, Representative Cox, the owner of several nursing homes, submitted a committee substitute which stripped out the insurance requirement. The committee members voted

Strength in numbers: Get organized!

Below is an excerpt from a great article from Dallas News about family councils in Texas.  The relatives of Texas nursing home residents have discovered there’s strength in numbers. Emboldened by a new state law, they’ve begun to organize more “family councils” at their nursing homes to advocate for better care. “My mother was the


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