Category: Abuse and Neglect

Facility evicts and abandons resident for failing to pay

This is an incredible article.  They should be arrested for leaving a vulnerable adult in this condition. A northeast Nebraska care center has been fined for leaving an elderly resident alone and unattended. A report, done by the state department of Health and Human Services, says Golden Living Center, in O’Neill, Nebraska, discharged a resident because

Maggots found in resident’s ear

I saw this article about a woman who was a resident of a Tennessee nursing home where they found maggots in her ear. How could this happen?  Who is checking her?  It is disgusting and unacceptable.  I’m surprised the facility isn’t claiming it is part of her care and treatment! A Health Department investigation revealed that

Resident Abuse

I saw an article about resident abuse that is common and difficult to prove without the testimony of an honest employee of the nursing home.  The industry has labeled injuries caused by abuse to be “injuries of unknown origins”.  Perhaps, they should polygrapg the employees who provided care and treatment to the resident to determine

Hidden camera reveals the truth about neglect

Although there is a concern regarding privacy issues, many families use hidden video cameras to document neglect by nursing home employees.  These cameras are useful especially when the nursing home denies neglect or fails to supervise employees apporpriately. I ran across an article that illustates my point perfectly.  An ex-employee of a Rochester nursing home

Patient Safety and Abuse Prevention Act

Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl is trying to prevent abuse by insituting a national system for criminal background checks on nursing home employees.  Please contact your Senators and encourage them to support this legislation. Sen. Kohl says the best way to protect our elders from physical abuse is to institute a national system for background checks to determine

Poor conditions at another nursing home revealed

Poor conditions at a Tn nursing home prompted the state to prohibit the facility from admitting new patients.   The state suspended any new patients from being admitted to the Cornelia House. A State Health Department review paints a different picture, detailing a successful escape this past April, in which a patient with dementia walked out


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