Car Accidents Caused by Faulty Manufacturing: A Layperson’s Guide

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In some instances, auto accidents aren’t caused by driver error. Instead, they are triggered by faulty manufacturing. When this happens, the law allows you to seek compensation from the manufacturer or other party involved in your vehicle’s mechanics. Here are some matters worth knowing about accidents that happen as a result of defective machinery.

Types of Defective Parts

Amazingly, the typical passenger vehicle has around 30,000 parts. It doesn’t take much for a few to break down and cause a crash. From faulty brake systems and airbags that don’t deploy to burned-out clutches and improperly designed seatbelts, there are many things that can go wrong. A car accident attorney is knowledgeable regarding the types of mechanical errors that create injuries.

Recall of Defective Parts

When a vehicle manufacturer determines that their design has a safety flaw, they are required to fix the problem at no cost to the consumer. It is expected that owners are notified about the issue within a reasonable period of time. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to maintain a directory of individuals who’ve purchased their vehicles so that they can deliver warnings to everyone. If notification never arrives and an accident occurs, the car’s maker is legally vulnerable. Your case may be invalid if you were informed about the matter but chose to do nothing.

Checking for Defective Parts

You can confirm whether your vehicle needs parts replaced by searching the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s safety recall database. Additionally, it includes important knowledge regarding tires, car seats, and safety systems. Take swift action if you discover that your vehicle requires an update. Alternatively, contact your local dealership and inquire as to whether your car is subject to any recalls.

Responsibility for Defective Parts

Different parties may be sued if you suffer damages resulting from a faulty car part. The gear manufacturer is an obvious legal target. The part’s designers can also be held liable. Likewise, mechanics that performed shoddy workmanship might be the cause of a crash and become defendants. Moreover, advertisers can be held responsible if it is provable that their claims were untrue. These cases have the potential to grow into a class-action suit.

Faulty car parts are sometimes the reason for an accident. Besides the cost of repairing or buying a new vehicle, a collision may burden you with hefty medical expenses. The culpable individual or business entity needs to be held accountable. Rather than filing a lawsuit on your own, reach out to a car accident lawyer such as Barry P. Goldberg to provide assistance with litigating your case.