Camera Catches Rape

The Daily Beast reported on the sick allegations against a “despicable” caregiver. Phillip Carey raped a 99-year-old woman with dementia at a facility. The Court sentenced the nursing home worker to life in prison for the rape. The family discovered the horrific crime after installing a hidden camera. The “horrified” relatives watched as 48-year-old Phillip Carey attacked her.

The victim’s family said:

“We noticed her behaviour had changed. She became withdrawn, wouldn’t hug or kiss us and she didn’t want us to go when we were leaving and said things that worried us, suggesting she would be punished. We were concerned maybe someone was being unkind or too rough with her so we decided to install a hidden camera in her room so we could see what was happening. We were shocked and horrified, never imagining we would see her being abused and raped in her own room.”

Thank goodness England allows cameras to protect nursing home residents. America should do the same.