Camera Catches Assault

Media reports show a jury found Sharee Shantrell Bryant guilty of injury to an elderly or disabled person. Bryant worked as a caregiver at Cornerstone Nursing Center. The jury opted for a prison sentence rather than a term of probation–as requested by the defense–following the sentencing phase of trial. The convicted caretaker was given five years in prison for slapping a dementia patient.

Video caught Bryant on March 9, 2022, entering the elderly patient’s room and slapping her across the face, according to a probable cause affidavit. The investigator noted in the affidavit that the woman was struck with enough force “to cause her torso to lean back and that she reached up and placed her hand on her face afterwards as if she was in pain.”

The woman’s son placed a camera in her room after discovering bruises on her that the staff wouldn’t or couldn’t explain. I’m glad he did.