Another Nuisance in South Carolina

The State reported on another environmental nuisance in South Carolina. Textile chemicals in groundwater, malodorous landfills, and lead poisoned soil are well-known problems in the Palmetto State. Now, we have a new odor caused from “bad behavior” according to the citizens of York and Lancaster counties. The odors and nuisance are caused by the wastewater treatment system at New-Indy. This company is owned by Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots.

One report says it malfunctioned when the company switched from making bleached paper to paperboard. The most noxious odors smell like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that can cause headaches, upset stomachs, coughing, wheezing and other disorders. The waste pond is full of waste material that includes deadly dioxin and other chemicals,

Sen. Michael Johnson, R-York is new to environmental issues but many of his constituents live with the stench from New-Indy  paper mill. Johnson supports the recent Biden enforcement order against the New- Indy paper mill.

The EPA held a public hearing in Rock Hill Jan. 25 and fined New-Indy $1.1 million. The EPA required the company to improve operations including installing a secondary system to prevent uncontrolled pollution releases.

Johnson wrote the federal government last month to complain about the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s enforcement action against New-Indy. He demands more federal oversight and penalties to protect public health and conduct a toxicology study.

We need to enforce the environmental laws and make companies clean up their messes. The health and safety of our children are at stake.