“[Graham] had long been among the most supplicant super-careerists ever to play in a city known for the breed, and proved themselves to be essential lapdogs in Trump’s kennel.”

The Atlantic had a scathing but accurate article on the spinelessness that is Lindsey Graham. The South Carolina Republican is “the most pathetic man in America.”

“You know what I liked about Trump?” Graham asked last month during a speech at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Nashville. “Everyone was afraid of him. Including me.”

How pathetic. “Without the complicity of the Republican Party, Donald Trump would be just a glorified geriatric Fox-watching golfer.”

Trump needs a scared little sycophant like Lindsey Graham. The author recounts one exchange with Senator Graham.

“Once, early in 2019, I asked Graham a version of the question that so many of his judgy old Washington friends had been asking him. How could he swing from being one of Trump’s most merciless critics in 2016 to such a sycophant thereafter?”

“Well, okay, from my point of view, if you know anything about me, it’d be odd not to do this,” he told me. “‘This,’” Graham specified, “is to try to be relevant.” 

No Republican spoke with more contempt for Trump during the 2016 primaries than Graham did. He called him a “complete idiot,” and “unfit for office,” among other things. Now they are golf buddies. How pathetic.