2021 Concerns for NH Industry

McKnight’s reported on one of their Flash Surveys. Long-time operational challenges are the top worries for nursing homes heading into 2021, a new McKnight’s Long-Term Care News survey shows. Respondents asked to pick their top four concerns heading into 2021. Results reflect all respondents’ answers. All the concerns and challenges revolve around money. Of course.

“Having enough staff” was top fear with 88% of respondents. “Rebuilding or keeping enough census” (82%).  “Having enough PPE” (44%). “COVID-related legal/liability claims” (40%).

Achieving sufficient safe staffing was the top priority in the nurse manager subgroup. Administrators cited census as their top issue (86% to 82% over staffing). Why? Because census means “heads in the bed” which is the source of revenue. Money matters more than quality.

“Building higher census and staffing under normal circumstances are the two biggest issues,” acknowledged Bill McGinley, the president and CEO of the American College of Health Care Administrators. “That’s what’s keeping administrators awake at night. It just reinforces the fact that [administrators] are so stressed out.”