$12 Million Verdict

Great news in Florida. Justice for a grieving family. A jury ordered national for-profit chain Life Care Centers of America to pay $12.35 million verdict to a neglected resident and her family. Life Care Centers operates more than 200 skilled nursing facilities in 28 states. The chain is owned and operated by the infamous Forest Preston.

CVN first reported 72 year old Carol Reed suffered a bone-deep pressure injury during her month-long stay at the Life Care Center of Orlando while recovering from a broken leg. The facility failed to provide sufficient staffing in number and competency. The poorly trained staff failed to reposition her properly. Defendants allowed the wound to become infected. She required hospitalization and surgical debridement.

The total damages includes more than $1.7 million for Reed’s medical expenses and more than $10.6 million for her pain and suffering. Life Care Center plans to file a frivolous appeal.