Settlement with DOJ

Tranquility Incorporated did business in Concord as the San Miguel Villa, a 190-bed assisted care facility. The Department of Justice alleged fraud claiming they submitted false medical billing for worthless or nonexistent services.

U.S. Attorney Stephanie M. Hinds announced a settlement for $2.3 million for neglect and “grossly” substandard nursing home services. California Attorney General Rob Bonta hailed the settlement. He called out San Miguel for being understaffed rendering the number of its services “useless.”

Bonta’s office responded to a report involving allegations of overmedication of people living at San Miguel. Due to understaffing, the DOJ alleges that San Miguel overmedicated residents to render them “more manageable.”

“Corporate profits should never be placed above patients needs and care.”

–Bonta in a statement.

The DOJ alleges that from 2012 to 2017 failed to meet minimum required standards of skilled nursing care in multiple ways. The government alleges that San Miguel overmedicated its residents with psychotropic drugs. The DOJ also alleges that residents were exposed to preventable falls and resident-on-resident altercations.