OIG Investigates Discharges

Facilities are discharging patients that do not follow Federal regulations which leads to unsafe and traumatic harm for the patient. CMS and State Long-Term Care Ombudsmen question the extent to which the nursing homes follow these Federal requirements for discharge.

OIG conducted an investigation into nursing homes’ capability to care for patients with mental health disorders. Research from OIP has shown that facilities are discharging patients due to their aggressive behavior, residents’ failure to pay for their stay, and residents who are no longer in need of treatment.

72 of 126 residents who have been discharged due to their aggressive behavior, have shown signs related to untreated mental health disorders. The research from OIG raises questions as to whether or not these nursing home facilities are able to provide the proper treatment and care for the residents who have mental health disorders and who show endangering behaviors.

The Center for Excellence for Behavioral Health in Nursing facilities will further research how to provide “safe and effective long-term care for residents with mental health disorders and behaviors, especially as the demand for such care grows”.