Neglected resident’s family wants answers

A family whose mother passed away two years ago after spending just a month in a nursing home says her death should not have happened then and now they’re asking for help. “She walked, talked, could eat on her own,” said Arnold Trevino, remembering his mother before she checked in,” he said, “when she left out of there, she left out of there an invalid, she couldn’t talk,” he explained.

He says after his mother stayed at the Valley Grande Manor for just 30 days, the damage was done.   Trevino said his problems with Valley Grande Manor began when his sister, a registered nurse, told the staff her mother was suffering a heart attack. He claims the staff refused to take her to the hospital, so he called the state to get her out. “When she was taken to the hospital, doctors told us she had not been fed, given any water and that she had abusive bruising that they don’t know how she relieved,” said Trevino.

That’s when he took pictures he says are even more proof. Natalia Trevino died just weeks later, her death certificate names malnutrition as a contributing factor.

Trevino says he’s frustrated, because even though this report shows several violations including LVN staff without a valid license, and others with convictions working there, he can’t get anyone to take action.

But Trevino wants someone to take action against the staff that treated his mother. “I want for them to face the same consequences that I would have faced if I would have taken my mother to the hospital in that condition,” Trevino said.