CEO Sentenced

The Altoona Mirror reported the prison sentence for nursing home operator Samuel Joseph Zaffuto. The former CEO at Christ the King Manor was sentenced to state prison for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Zaffuto siphoned funds from the nursing home to pay for vacations, vehicle purchases and his family.

His crimes began as early as May 2004 and continued until his termination in July 2019. During his time as CEO, he was also “known to be continually absent from the facility.” Why did it take so long to discover the fraud?

“Though our forensic auditor concluded that CTKM suffered a financial loss in excess of $900,000, we suspect that the amount misappropriated by Mr. Zaffuto over many years exceeds that amount. (The majority of the fair’s revenue is cash and is difficult to account for),” a spokeswoman told the Court.

Ammerman sentenced Zaffuto to nine months to five years in state prison. He should have to pay back every cent with interest.