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Work Comp Law Firm Spartanburg South CarolinaHave you been injured while working? If so, do you know that you may have the right to access workers’ compensation? Sure, you might answer ‘yes’; however, did you also know that there is a risk of being denied your first time, or offered an amount that is less than what you need or deserve?

As a work comp law firm Spartanburg, South Carolina has to offer, time and time again we have heard of stories from people who experienced significant struggles just to get the compensation they were owed. If this is not something you are ready for, call a workers’ compensation lawyer Spartanburg, South Carolina resident’s trust, such as Poliakoff & Associates, P.A.

Whether you were injured by your own actions,  or lack of, or from another party’s wrongdoing, workers’ compensation is often available. Guided by years of experience and knowledge, we are confident in our ability to secure maximum damages for injured workers. Call us now for a consultation. 

Do I Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Spartanburg, South Carolina?

You might wonder whether or not you qualify for workers’ compensation. In general, most workers are. There are some exceptions; for example, if you fit into any of the below categories, you likely do not qualify for workers’ comp, or have a seperate program available. 

If you are unsure about whether you are eligible, you can always call a Spartanburg, South Carolina work comp law firm. We can review your case and help you to understand your options. In the event that you are not eligible, there may be alternatives, or underinsured programs. If we discover negligence on the part of a third party, we might recommend that you file a personal injury claim. 

There Are Strict Times to File

Workers’ compensation should be filed within 15-30 days from the date of injury. If you miss this period of time, you may lose your right to recover benefits. If you don’t understand what is expected of you, please call a work comp law firm in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

While you can file a workers’ compensation claim on your own, the process can be complicated. One mistake, lack of detail, or failure to include a piece of documentation could result in a denial. If your situation is anything but straightforward it may help to have a work comp law firm in Spartanburg, South Carolina on your side. 

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The last thing you want to happen is to receive less than what you need to recover properly. Because of this, you should take action to find out what steps are needed to recover maximum benefits. To learn more, call a work comp law firm in Spartanburg, South Carolina. 



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