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South Carolina Workers Compensation Law FirmA South Carolina workers compensation law firm like Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. knows that employees are often hesitant to pursue a workers’ compensation claim because they are afraid of the backlash or harassment they may receive from the employer. However, under federal and state law, an employer cannot directly fire an employee for filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, there are other circumstances that could allow the employer to fire an employee without admitting the cause being the filing of the workers’ compensation claim. If you feel that your job is in jeopardy because you reported an injury and filed a workers’ compensation claim, you should review your state’s workers’ compensation policy as well as your workplace’s policy; you should also contact a workers’ compensation lawyer Spartanburg, SC relies on.

Review State Laws

Our workers’ compensation law firm in SC knows that some states do not require employers to provide workers’ compensation benefits for seasonal employees or for those who have been working for only a short amount of time. It is wise to know what your state’s laws are so that your employer cannot take unfair advantage of you. Your attorney from a South Carolina workers’ comp law firm can also help you determine what your rights are in a workers’ compensation case and how it might affect your future employment.

Review Company Policy

After an injury occurs, documentation is everything. Be sure to report the incident even if you are afraid of the backlash and make sure to go through all the proper channels for reporting. This can help solidify your claim during settlement. If your employer harasses you due to filing a claim, knowing company policy can help you defend your case. Being able to show that you reported the incident in a timely and honest many can greatly increase your reputability when building your case.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Law Firm in South Carolina

Contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer should be at the top of your list after a workplace injury. Your legal team can help you overcome challenges in reporting the incident and help you know what steps to take to receive the compensation that you need. Letting your attorney know of any workplace harassment due to claim filing is necessary to ensure that he or she can take appropriate measures to keep your job secure.

Having a workplace injury comes with much paperwork to fill out and many legal terms to learn, but if you were injured at your workplace you deserve the compensation to cover your medical expenses related to the event. If you fear the status of your job after filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact the South Carolina workers compensation law firm Poliakoff & Associates, P.A. today to learn how to protect your rights as an employee.



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