Wheelchair Safety

A reckless act of indifference was caught on camera at The Wellshire Warren Barr nursing home. In the video, Marilyn Glass, a resident is allowed to fall face-first to the ground. The caregivers failed to provide any supervision or assistance. A camera recorded the incident of custodial neglect. In fact, the lack of training and competency caused the incident.

“There was no foot petals on my mother’s wheelchair. They actually pulled the wheelchair from the front and jerked enough, where she just went flying forward and landed on her face,” daughter Andrea Contreras said.

Glass’s care plan requires the caregivers “to have leg rests on at all times during transport,” and “to make sure her footrests are on for safety.” The Illinois Department of Public Health investigated and found the facility “failed to ensure a wheelbound resident was transported in a safe manner.”

Contreras said she was called to Wellshire Warren Barr nursing home after her mother “fell” out of her wheelchair in April of 2022.

“It kills me inside because you don’t want to see your family member go through this,” said Contreras.