Victim of neglect files lawsuit against nursing home

The nursing home staff found him in a pool of his own blood two years ago.  Clifford Ozen has suffered from seizures and decreased mobility sinc ethat fall.  The Senior Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center in Port Arthur allowed Mr. Ozen to fall from his bed.  His wife, Sharon Ozen, filed suit against the healthcare provider July 9 in Jefferson County District Court.

On July 28, 2006, Sharon Ozen visited her husband at the 199-bed rehabilitation facility.   After leaving the center, Sharon received a call and was advised that her husband was being rushed to the hospital.   “According to Mr. Ozen’s chart, an aide called a nurse because he was found on the floor with his head lying against the frame of the bedside table,” the lawsuit said. “Defendant’s staff observed blood on the floor in a puddle, as well as a contusion and laceration to the top of Mr. Ozen’s head.”

Since the fall, Clifford Ozen has suffered from seizures and has been bedridden. Upon his admission to the nursing home in January 2006, Clifford was diagnosed with dementia, confusion, wandering and an unsteady gait.   All risk factors for falling.  Nursing home was on notice that he could fall but did nothing to try to prevent him from injuring himself even though his wife consented to the use of restraints and safety devicesto protect him.

“The only safety precautions being utilized for Mr. Ozen were side rails on his bed and geriatric chair,” the suit says. “These precautions were used only intermittently. Further, during his stay, he was unable to ambulate himself and had an impaired safety awareness.”

Sharon alleges she informed the nursing home staff of her concerns, but the healthcare provider negligently failed to assess her husband’s risk for falling.  The nursing home also allegedly “failed to adequately protect him from falling in light of his confusion, agitation and impaired safety awareness.”

Senior Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center is owned by Victoria, Texas-based Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, Inc.