CBS reported another episode where a nursing home employee abused a vulnerable adult. Police accuse her of pushing a disabled patient to the ground over a request for ice. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said an employee battered a vulnerable adult resident at Orchid Cove at Palm Harbor nursing home.

Delana Dallas-Hudson is a certified nursing assistant who had pushed the victim to the ground after they asked for ice. Deputies said she also admitted to pushing the victim in the chest even though the victim offered no threat of violence to her.

Witnesses heard the victim request ice multiple times, then recounted hearing someone falling to the ground.

One staff member heard Dallas-Hudson say, “Go ahead, hit me!”

The sheriff’s office said the victim requested only ice, but Dallas-Hudson provided the victim with a cup of ice and water. The victim, who is nearly non-verbal, began following Dallas-Hudson, stating “ice” when Dallas-Hudson grabbed and crushed the cup the victim was holding, causing the ice water to spray all over the victim. Dallas-Hudson then pushed the victim to the ground.

The victim sustained injuries.