The Cost of Anti-Vax Fear

What is the cost of anti-vax fear in the nursing home industry? Kaiser Family Foundation’s analysis shows a significant uptick in nursing home deaths in August as the Delta variant swept through unvaccinated facilities. Nursing homes reported nearly 1,800 deaths among their residents and staff in August. This is the highest monthly toll since the peak.

Why? Caregivers continue to fear the COVID vaccine. While the vaccination rate among residents is 85 percent. Only 65 percent of nursing home employees are vaccinated and many states the rate is in the 40s. South Carolina is one of the worse states!

For a third straight week, DHEC reported that South Carolina had a record number of coronavirus related deaths. The percentage of COVID tests that returned positive (11%) was still more than double what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says is a controlled level.

Thousands of workers across South Carolina are required to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Many refuse including those who work in nursing homes taking care of vulnerable adults. Studies continue to confirm the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. This anti vax fear is costing lives.

Meanwhile, Republican Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey will use coronavirus relief funds to build two super-size prisons.


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