Staffing During the Pandemic

The Consumer Voice Releases New Report on Staffing in Nursing Homes During the Pandemic 

For years, understaffing had plagued nursing homes. Residents have suffered due to insufficient and sporadic care.  The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare for the country the result of years of not investing in resident care.  For residents, families, and advocates the catastrophic events of the COVID-19 pandemic were foreseeable. While residents died from COVID-19, countless others suffered from isolation and neglect due to understaffing.

The Consumer Voice’s new report looks at federal data regarding nursing home residents and document the true price of inadequate staffing.  The report found that during the pandemic:

  • The number of residents experiencing pressure ulcers rose 31%
  • The number of residents reporting feeling down, depressed, or hopeless rose 40%
  • An increase in the rate of residents receiving antipsychotic medications jumped 77.5%, while the increase in the rate of residents being diagnosed with schizophrenia rose 54%
  • The number of residents experiencing significant weight loss rose 49% 

You can go here to read the complete report.

On February 28, 2022 the Biden Administration announced the most significant nursing home reforms in decades.  Adequate staffing was at the center of his plan, including establishing a minimum staffing standards.
The Consumer Voice’s report highlights the necessity of the Biden Administration’s proposals. Here’s the link to the report: