Outrageous Abuse and Cover-up

The Miami Herald reported on the horrific physical and emotional abuse at St. Francis Country House in Pennsylvania. Video shared by a WPVI reporter shows a caregiver slapping a vulnerable adult. The caregiver faces assault charges. Police arrested Ednise Dulcio at her home on Tuesday, April 12.

The video evidences a loud slap and painful yell. Another employee captured the abuse on video because Dulcio had struck the resident before. She faces charges that include aggravated assault and simple assault. I hope she can never work in the health field again.

However, the nursing home waited 16 hours to report the confirmed assault. The nursing home did not even take the victim to the hospital for a check up or treatment. Outrageous.

Darby Borough Police Chief Joseph Gabe said in a news briefing on Wednesday, April 13:

“The video is quite frankly disturbing and stomach-turning. To witness a defenseless 92-year-old lady be slapped across the face by a person who is paid to provide care has stunned the police department, our borough officials and the community.”

The nursing home resident is a Holocaust survivor. Last year, the former regional director of operations of the facility pleaded guilty to “recklessly endangering three residents,” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. Employees had repeatedly warned the manager that staffing issues were endangering residents, but he ignored the warnings.