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Nightmare Situation

I cannot imagine the horror of discovering your a caregiver raped your mother. An avoidable nightmare situation for residents and families. However, WXIX reports police accuse Peris Ross of sexually assaulting a 90-year-old nursing home resident. Ross faces charges after reportedly sexually assaulting a woman at the Hyde Park Health Center Assisted Living.

Frances Knighten is a lifelong friend of the woman’s daughter and thinks of the female victim as her own mother.

“To get a call like that, with my friend saying, ‘you’re not going to believe this, but my momma got raped.’ I was like, what? Are you kidding me?” “My friend saw the marks, the scars and the evidence. ” 


Knighten urged everyone to check in and visit their friends or loved ones who are in a nursing home. assaults like these are far too common. Unsafe staffing with unqualified caregivers lead to assaults like this one. That poor woman. What a nightmare situation for her family.


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