Neglect alleged in Florida nursing home

The Naplenews had a frightening article about a recent lawsuit that chronicles severe neglect of a resident.
Sophie Arvigo moved into Lakeside Pavilion Nursing Home in Naples.  After several years there, her care and treatment took a dramatic turn for the worse.

There was neglect that led to painful and humiliating medical problems, and traumatic injuries that resulted from physical mishandling by staff.   The family contends nursing home staff dropped Arvigo from a Hoyer lift, a sling-like device to move immobile individuals, and wasn’t taken for X-rays until two days later despite outcries of pain.  She suffered an impacted hip fracture that was not recognized by the staff despite numerous signs and symptoms of a broken bone.

She was injured a second time while being wheeled in her wheelchair and a third time while being moved again in a Hoyer lift.   The complaint said the nursing home staff and administrators were negligent by failing to protect Arvigo against injuries and for failure to properly hire, retain and supervise nurses who were qualified and capable of treating her as expected in the nursing profession.

The nursing staff failed to address Arvigo’s numerous bouts of dehydration and severe weight loss, numerous urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, bed sores and odorous drainage from her left ear, among other medical conditions.

The complaint also says the nursing home failed to notify a doctor about the significant changes in Arvigo’s condition and failed to follow doctor’s orders for her treatment, including monitoring her changes.