Monoclonal antibodies

McKnight’s reported that new research shows real promise for treating COVID-19 with monoclonal antibodies. Many caregivers see antibodies as a way of mitigating COVID symptoms, preventing hospitalizations, and premature deaths. Monoclonal antibodies finally received Emergency Use Authorization in late November.  Just 20% of the available antibodies had been used. This miracle treatment is finally available for use by nursing homes.

Medicare and Medicaid coverage of monoclonal antibody therapy  extends to long-term care residents at no cost during the public health emergency.

The Department of Health and Human Services has implemented Project SPEED, or Special Projects for Equitable and Efficient Distribution. This program hopes to treat COVID priority patients in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The program is now open to any licensed pharmacy.

The federal PREP Act protections may apply to nursing homes that receive consent, administer them safely and properly, and monitor for anaphylactic shock.