Solutions for Caregivers

KXAN had an interesting article about solutions to help caregivers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The article discusses solutions from health and design experts. These researchers from the Design Institute of Health have been studying the senior care industry.

Experts suggest the first priority is to address burnout and low morale among caregivers in nursing homes. One obvious concern noted was the historically low wages available for long-term care employees. It is a travesty.

“We recognized early in the research that, really, the system survives on the force of will and generosity, and the work of those essential care workers. Actually supporting them and ensuring that they stay well is critical in ensuring the system stays well,” said Stacey Chang, executive director of the institute.

Then, the researchers developed four major solutions to help caregivers.

  1. Essential Care Pantry: This food and supplies pantry would serve as an on-site safe shopping option for nursing home staff.
  2. Gratitude Portal: This digital platform would celebrate the long-term care community and profiling front-line staff from facilities.
  3. Service Connection: This online hub would connect long-term care workers to businesses offering their services at discounted rates, exclusively for the long-term care community.
  4. One-on-One Support: This dedicated phone line would connect long-term care workers with a licensed mental health professional.