Hiding Sexual Assaults

KEYT reported that the operator/director of a facility covered up a string of sexual assaults at an assisted living facility. As a nursing home lawyer for over 25 years, I have seen many similar cover-ups. It is disgusting and reckless.

Lisa Cohen is the former manager of Royal Gardens Assisted Living Facility. Police arrested her for failing to report sexual abuse at her facility. At least, two residents suffered sexual assaults by a caregiver. One victim’s family reported the attack. Another victim came forward to report additional abuse.

Investigators discovered that staff informed the abuse to the administrative staff, including Cohen. However, they did not report the crimes to law enforcement or adult protective services as required by law.

Police arrested employee Joel Gonzales for a string of sexual crimes including sexually assaulting two elderly residents at the facility. He faces charges for assault with intent to commit rape, kidnapping and lewd acts upon a dependent person. He was already in custody for attempted murder after strangling a 6-year-old girl.