Elder Abuse Arrests

My13News reported the arrest of two nursing home caregivers for elder abuse. The family discovered their love done with significant bruising. The facility failed to explain how or why she suffered injury. The victim’s daughter saw bruises on her mother’s forehead, both sides of the face, nose and side of the lip.​ Doctors discovered a brain bleed.​

Deputy Chief Donna Seyferth of the Rockledge Police Department:

“Her eyes were swollen, marks on her face, marks on her neck. Her daughter picked her up and was just horrified, and took her straight to the hospital.”

Police arrested two employees of the facility. Law enforcement accuses one employee of the abuse, and his supervisor of trying to cover it up. The woman’s caregiver, Daniel Villarreal, initially claimed he knew nothing about the injuries.​ Eventually, he confessed to the mistreatment.

Unfortunately, this happens all the time. Injuries of unknown origin are suspicious and can be considered abuse until proven otherwise.

Police said there was another person not being truthful during the investigation. Police said Alura Executive Director Kelly Shovlin directed Villarreal to clean up the laundry, bedding and blood in the room.​ They arrested her for concealing evidence and trying to cover up the beating.