DHEC Split

South Carolina legislators passed a bill splitting the South Carolina Department of Health and Environment Control (DHEC).

DHEC oversees everything health, food, and environment-related across South Carolina. It is ineffective lacking leadership and authority.

The bill will discontinue DHEC operations and would replace it by splitting the responsibilities of the organization into two state agencies.

The ‘Department of Public Health’ would regulate health-related services.

The ‘Department of Environmental Services’ will be responsible for environmental regulations and ecological services including the Department of Natural Resources.

If signed, it will be put into effect by July of next year. Just in time to improve nursing homes ranking and safety.

USA Today reported that South Carolina ranked poorly. Researchers say good staffing levels and low turnover are the best predictors for quality care at a nursing home. South Carolina direct care staffing ranges from 2.5 to 3.1. HPPD when 4.1 HPPD is the minimum safe level.