“Beyond Reprehensible”

The Lowell Sun reported the arrest and prosecution of two nurses aides accused of posting humiliating videos on social media of vulnerable clients at the Wingate at Belvidere nursing home. Sabrina Costa and Kala Shaniece Lopez were arrested after the videos surfaced on Snapchat.  Videos show Wingate patients, ages 75 to 99, being disrespected and humiliated.  The judge characterized their acts as “beyond reprehensible.”

One video shows an 86-year-old patient sitting on a commode being asked by one of the suspects about her sex life and if she smoked marijuana. Another video shows the same patient sleeping soundly when one of the suspects yells in her ear, abruptly waking her up. A third video shows a 75-year-old patient making noises to show her teeth with the caption under the video, “Chuckie’s Bride.”

The women pleaded not guilty to three counts each of permitting abuse on an elder or disabled person. Costa is also charged with assault and battery on someone over 60 or disabled.  Police searched Lopez’s phone and found a video of Costa allegedly getting into bed with a 99-year-old patient, telling the female patient she loves her and hugging her. The video shows the patient telling Costa to leave her alone, police said.