Assault and Cover-up

“I was angry the way my mother was beaten,” Allen Fish said.

His mother, Audrey Fish, is a vulnerable adult with dementia. AristaCare Nursing Home in South Plainfield, New Jersey accepted her as a resident and promised to take care of her health and safety. However, they failed miserably. Miss Audrey has one bloody eye socket and another that is badly bruised. She also has six stitches on her forehead.

Eyewitness News reported a suspicious set of circumstances behind the injuries.

“The nurse on the floor, she told me that another resident was in her room, and they assumed she hit her with the cane,” said Sonja Holloway-Fish, the daughter-in-law of the victim.

Four days later after countless attempts, they said administrators finally agreed to meet. The assailant was still in the home.

They were told there were no witnesses thereby no evidence. But on the night of the attack, the nursing home called the police. The caregivers filed a police report against another resident for aggravated assault.